Part-time Center Manager (future full-time)

Position Description: Iowa Community Capital is an Iowa based nonprofit organization seeking a Center Manager for the Solidarity Microfinance Program in Greater Des Moines Area.  This position is initially part-time but may expand to full-time in the future.  The Center Manager is responsible for coordination and operation of group-based lending program activities.  The Solidarity Microfinance Program is a poverty-alleviation and credit builder program where a limited amount of credit is provided for eligible low-income clients in a culturally relevant approach.  Solidarity is the first microfinance program in Central Iowa to use a peer-group lending model.  The program has grown to more than150 participants in two years.  Solidarity weekly meetings provide clients with an opportunity to learn and practice good financial habits, demonstrate good character, build financial competence and develop a support network for managing small enterprises. 

The Center Manager position will be accountable to and will directly report to the Program Director of the Solidarity Microfinance program.  This person will be expected to implement and follow program rules and collaborate with the ICC Board and staff, community networks, and other entities as may be needed for the development of a successful program.  The target population and community networks include low-income households, neighborhoods in the community, nonprofit service organizations, governmental agencies, foundations, and funders.  The Center Manager is responsible for (1) developing plans and ensuring proper implementation of the approved program plans including goal setting for weekly/monthly/yearly outreach activities, events planning, volunteer involvement, and marketing as needed, (2) managing program activities including group formation, orientation for group members, weekly center meetings, loan disbursements and loan payment collections, collection and deposit of savings, reporting and record keeping, supervision and monitoring of accounts, and (3) and reporting to and carrying out of plans approved by the Program Director and authorized by the Board of Directors of the organization.

Spanish fluency and ability to drive throughout the area is required. Strong ties and experience with the local Latino and/or African American community networks in the Greater Des Moines Area, especially those who are low-income, are important capabilities for reaching the goals established for the program. The position requires a highly motivated individual with desire to develop sustainable solutions for alleviating poverty.  Experience or knowledge in entrepreneurship or small business development is desired, but not required. 

Key Responsibilities and Job Duties

  • Prepare annual, monthly, and weekly community outreach goals 
  • Be aware of assessments and surveys identifying target populations in the community
  • Provide program outreach to potential low-income clients in the Greater Des Moines Area
  • Visit potential client households to verify program eligibility
  • Facilitate loan group formation and organize orientation training for new clients
  • Organize special educational training seminars and workshops for program clients
  • Request and review credit reports in accordance with loan policies and guidelines.
  • Supervise and review of client’s loan plans and utilization of loan
  • Participate in approval/denial process for loan requests in accordance with loan policies and guidelines consistent with peer group process
  • Disburse loans to the clients in accordance with approved policy and procedures for the Solidarity Microfinance program 
  • Coordinate and facilitate weekly center meetings with program participants.  Weekly meetings involve cash transactions in the form of savings deposits and loan repayments and group discussions about business activities, social concerns, and community issues
  • Assist with opening savings accounts and monthly savings activity review
  • Complete necessary forms, documents for maintaining daily transaction records and records for monthly and quarterly reports
  • Ensure proper financial, operational and management controls for the Solidarity program
  • Ensure discipline in collections, deposits and reporting of loan payments & savings
  • Facilitate implementation of marketing, promotion, and fund raising activities
  • Respond to program inquiries and facilitate expansion of the program, including training, supervising, and evaluating new staff and volunteers
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Program Director

Eligibility requirements

  • Communication skills with persons from diverse economic & cultural backgrounds.
  • Fluency in oral, written and spoken English and Spanish is required.
  • Proficiency and accuracy in basic math, use of spreadsheets, and laptop computer required.
  • Access to a reliable vehicle and possession of a valid driver’s license is required.
  • Excellent organizational skills is required and marketing experience is desired.
  • Experience in non-profit program delivery and target population networks is preferred.
  • Understanding of poverty and commitment toward poverty reduction is desired.
  • Experience in small business or microenterprise development is desired.
  • Familiarity and experience in consumer and/or business credit, financial services, credit management, finance or accounting, is desired.


  • High school diploma or equivalent experience  
  • BA or BS in finance or business related field or equivalent experience is preferred

Compensation & APPLYING

  • Successful candidate will be compensated based on skills, experience and education.
  • Compensation range: $16.00 per hour to 20.00 per hour commensurate with experience.

Interested applicants should provide their resume or curriculum vitae, cover letter, contact information, and the names and contact information of two employment references by mail to the address below or by email to:,

Solidarity Search Committee, 607 Forest Avenue, Des Moines, IA50314

Please submit all materials by April 15, 2017.  Subsequent interviews will be scheduled. Employment starting date is May 1, 2017 or as negotiated.  The search may be extended until a suitable candidate is hired.  For more information or questions, please contact: Mark Edelman, Iowa Community Capital Board Chair (cell):  515-298-1871 or M.A Hossain, Director (cell) 501-803-2470

Iowa Community Capital is an equal opportunity employer organized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the laws of the state of Iowa.   Iowa Community Capital is organized to serve low income populations and underserved communities as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).